The road to happiness has a beginning but no end. I stumbled upon photography while on this road. It started with a desire to capture the simple moments in life that bring me happiness and fulfillment. There is nothing more enjoyable than giving a simple subject a voice and having that voice tell a beautiful story. My focus is lifestyle - a fuzzy word that describes those things in life that bring on a smile and balance out the rough spots. Some call it inner peace. Lifestyle doesn't have to be expensive, but it is always rewarding. It is littered along the road to happiness in foods, friends, family and subjects that bring out our passion. You are the driver on this road. You choose which lanes you want to be in, which stops you want to make, which places you want to go and which places you may never want to return.

I enjoy capturing all of these moments that bring us joy and inspiration on the road we share. If I can help tell your story, record your memories or promote your ideas from behind the lens, pull over and say hi.

Paul Rattay Photography has photo packages starting at $250 and offerings to suit nearly any budget.

Paul Rattay is a photographer, a product consultant and a cheloniaphile (one who cares for and is concerned for the conservation status of turtles and tortoises). Paul blogs about lifestyle, photography & technology on his site, The Social Turtle and is a contributing columnist on blogging about the Sonoma Lifestyle.

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